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Kissing/hugging/etc: If Goliath doesn’t know your character, too much physical familiarity will put him on edge, but gargoyles are a very social species and Goliath is pretty hands-on with people he cares about. So if you’re pals already, go for the hugs.

Kissing's a weird human custom, though, and preferably for Elisa to do, so try it at your own risk.
Injuries: Goliath is built to take a beating, and sleep heals everything but severed limbs, so keep it within the realms of the not-immediately-mortal wounding (unless dawn is like, seconds away) and we’ll be A-OK!
Killing: No plz!
Mindreading/memory wiping/etc.: PM me with mindwipe ideas, and go ahead with mindreading, but he will be ever so angry if he finds out!

Disney Academy application
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Name: Kate
Journal: andy_longwood
Contact Info: chalkwitch (AIM), andylongwood at gmail dot com
Other Characters: nada! I’m a newb!

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